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Weddings Realized
​​​Tricia Fisk was a real godsend as a wedding planner! Originally I had thought I didn't need a wedding planner, since I was trying to keep up with all the details myself, but as the wedding got closer I realized there was a huge gap I couldn't fill. Who was I kidding? Did I really have the time to make all those phone calls to the different vendors, musicians, and innumerable people involved in pulling off a wedding? Run the rehearsal? Make sure everything was running smoothly the day of the wedding? Definitely not! As a bride, I had enough to think about and it was a huge burden off my shoulders to know that Tricia was on top of things and that I didn't have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. And absolutely nothing did. Every time I thought of something new that needed to be taken care of, Tricia was already aware of it and on top of it. She made sure everything was all coordinated ahead of time and that everyone know what they were supposed to do and when and where they were supposed to be. She was great at running the rehearsal and was able to keep even the most ADD groomsmen in line while still keeping it fun. As for the day of the wedding, she was there to make sure everything was running smoothly, from the food to the setup to making sure everyone was where they ​were supposed to be. She even sewed up my dress right after the ceremony when my husband tore it as we ran down the aisle! As a wedding coordinator, she totally exceeded my expectations and I feel very lucky to have had her involved in my wedding. Planning a wedding from 3,000 miles away was a daunting prospect, but it all came together thanks to Tricia. Thanks Tricia!  ~  Amy & Mike, Bride & Groom​

When a girl dreams of her wedding day, she can see every memory take place before it happens. She can imagine a picture perfect rehearsal, with a few moments of fun.  She can see herself getting ready the morning of the wedding with her only worry being, how to keep her make up looking perfect when her mother tells her she's beautiful. Every girl imagines her daddy getting ready to walk her down the aisle to the knight in shining armor that she's been waiting for all her life. And, of course, she always envisioned a magnificent party with friends and family there to celebrate the union of two heavenly matched souls. You know you have an angel from heaven, when your day truly ends up better than you could have ever dreamed. Tricia was my angel from heaven. When it comes to wedding specialists, she has the ability to go above and beyond what a normal coordinator would do. She was as magical as Mary Poppins with her bag of supplies, and was prepared for all the wedding day mishaps. She met with vendors, so that I could have a worry free morning. Tricia transformed my ceremony location into a storybook wedding scene. She saved the day when my groom forgot the wedding dance music at home. But the most important task Tricia took on was being a calm friend who was there just for me. I was her agenda. Unlike so many other people there to have a good time, she was there to make sure I was having the perfect day. If it weren't for Tricia, I would have missed out on so many perfect memories, because I would have been taking care of those wedding day worries myself. With Weddings Realized, you will truly have a wedding coordinator who is there to make the dreams of your perfect wedding day, realized.  ~  Amber & Jack, Bride & Groom